Wooden Curved Playing Card Holders
Wooden Curved Playing Card Holders

    Wooden Curved Playing Card Holders

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      This set of 2 playing card holders holds your card while keeping your opponents from peeking at your cards! It is visible only to you.

      It features grooves that may hold up to 20+ cards depending on the thickness of the cards. It is finished to help bring out the color and grain. The edges are rounded to add to the simplistic modern style. For the artistic type, it is possible to stain these yourself as they are sealed.

      These are great for all ages. Especially good for kids who's hands aren't big enough to hold a bunch of cards and for elderly persons who maybe have arthritis or other ailments that make it difficult for them to hold the cards in their hands. Or even for someone who wants to keep their hands free to enjoy some munchies and a cold beverage when it's not their turn!

      It may be used to hold up documents or paper too!
      It may also help arthritis sufferers enjoy card games without the pain of holding the cards in hand!


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