Our Mission

Our company is an eCommerce site that offers board games, card games, dice games, and miscellaneous game pieces specifically for board gamers; these are parts you typically would have to go into a craft shop for and can't find in other retail stores like Target, Walmart, etc. We are trying to encourage people to get together, unplug from their cell phones, make dinner, have a few beers, and enjoy an awesome night in. Our target market is social, smart, young, a little bit nerdy, and willing to try something different than just going downtown every weekend. We work hard to have everyone enjoy tabletop games. The people who are most interested are young professionals, college students, parents, and young couples.


Together we can dive into fictional realms, explore uncharted environments, develop empires, and survive cataclysmic scenarios. From casual play to strategic maneuvering, tabletop games help build relationships and shared memories for all.








York (founder)

Chief Entertainment Operator

YJ (co-founder)

Chief Creative Operator

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$4 Seconds
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